FC6 is a CS-23 compliant serial production version of FC4. The original prototype first flew in 2015 and it is thoroughly studied and tested since then. All flight dynamics data used in FC6 analysis is as real as it gets. More than 50 training experts, aerobatic pilots and some inexperienced pilots have flown the prototype and provided valuable feedback. The conforming type design is finalized.


Flight Constructive is actively gearing up for assembly of the conforming prototype and variety of test pieces needed for upcoming certification. Currently, we build production tooling. In parallel we are in discussions with vendors, regulators, sponsors, and prospective clients. If you are interested in becoming a stakeholder in the FC6 project, please contact us.


Flight Constructive plans to conduct a complete EASA Part 21L type certification program, so the FC6 design may be declared compliant to CS-23 and initially limited to 1200kg MTOM.
Depending on the market interest, full type certificates up to 1500kg MTOM may be obtained per EASA Part21L or EDA EMAR21.


Flight Constructive plans to manufacture the FC6 under declaration for production organization per EASA Part 21L.